Sobriety Week 37- Raw!


Raw, vegan, unprocessed, no sugar, no caffeine, alkaline and organic… I lasted 45 hours ( an entire weekend ) on a raw retreat and that was enough for me!

I would class myself 80% vegan, the other 20% is when I enjoy life without rules or restrictions, and I’ve come to accept that lifestyle and personal choice works best for me. I enjoy cooking up healthy food over the stove, I socially enjoy seafood, eggs and a bit of dairy, I dont the have time to make everything from scratch so appreciate the convience of the supermarket, every now and then I treat myself to some chocolate and I looooove 1 extra hot latte in the morning!

I learnt over the weekend that I do need to be drinking more filtered water, that it wouldn’t hurt to increase more alkaline foods in to my diet, that moving and stretching the body and reducing toxicity ( negativity ) is key to being disease free and healthy.

However being obsessed with what you eat and how you live for me is NOT healthy. Ok, yes I’ve chosen to blog weekly about not drinking alcohol but I’m not obsessed with it, each week I feel better when not drinking so it’s a personal choice that’s worked out best for me.

So my advice, be more conscious of how you take care of yourself, listen to what works for YOUR body ( as we are all different ) have fun, break a few rules, laugh, cry, love and be grateful that you have this day to enjoy, cheers! :)

Sobriety Week 36- Driving to Dinner!


This week I bought a car, actually correction, I bought freedom!! After 3 years cycling my way around Melbourne my bike is now gathering some ( temporary ) dust while I spend a great deal of quality time ( the honeymoon phase ) driving everywhere and anywhere, anytime I want!

Tonight I took a cruisy drive to my best friends house down south in Mentone, a good 30 minutes from my unit in Melbourne, a trip ive never been able to do on the bike, so it was well overdue!! It was so awesome having her cook me dinner for the first time at her place since we have known each other. Who would have thought that a simple visit in a car late at night, could make two people so happy, this is true! :)

PS. Not drinking booze when your out socialising makes driving home 100% stress free, no booze bus Police concerns for me! Or blowing cash on Taxis! :)

Sobriety Week 35- Mindfulness!


Its been 8 months since I’ve had any alcohol. My mood now feels more stable when it comes to drinking, instead of a weekly bipolar mix of frustration, excitement, anger, positivity or jealousy… it just is. My mind has now accepted the fact that I just don’t drink alcohol. It is what it is, life still continues to kick along happily, sober is just a tag I wear when im around people who drink alcohol, which actually is not very often these days!

I feel like I have to thank meditation for some of that inner peace i’ve gained! By allowing myself just 20 mins a day to sit with my thoughts, breathe and slow down ( the crazy ) allows my¬†good subconscious thoughts to rise which are always of benefit. :)

Sobriety Week 34- Relay for Life!


There are some that would have spent Saturday night out with friends, wasting away money on booze that most likely left them feeling shit, maybe regretful and slightly broke the next day. However, there are some ( this is me ) that spent Saturday night out with friends, walking laps around an oval for Relay for Life, donating money to a good cause, a cure that hopefully will end the shit feeling of cancer to all suffering patients around the world today.

Sobriety Week 33- Out with the old!


I haven’t talked about weight loss during my 12 month break from alcohol because I feel its a topic media and social networking put way too much focus on! So in saying that, ill keep this post short and sweet.

This weekend I ‘Autumn cleaned’ out my wardrobe, trying on most of my clothes to make a decision on what stayed and what had to go! Noticing a change in how my Winter clothes now looked made me relalise, if you dont drink booze, its true, weight is easier to lose! ( which is an even better excuse to give yourself permission to go out and buy new clothes!! )

Sobriety Week 31- Staff Cocktail Party!


Another party, another soda, im starting to feel like I’m running out of interesting things to say now that ive past half way, actually today is 7 months, yah..good for me? I dont know, im starting to question myself, it never changes, every week I find myself in a situation whereby I have to say no to alcohol and there is still a part of me that wants to say yes, wants to throw in the towl and join everyone else again, especially when the booze is free!

But I won’t, because I made a commitment to myself to be sober for an entire year, and really, whats another 5 months of having sodas?? Its nothing compared to the amount of booze ill most likely consume in my lifetime once I pick up that glass of wine again.