In Order to Love Who You Are, you first must be Aware of Who You Are

Hi there, I’m Camille, a Self Awareness Life Coach & Meditation Teacher and I’m passionate about giving you an easy, effective way of understanding Who You Are, so that you reduce worry and make loving conscious choices that have a ripple effect in every area of your life!

Do you feel overwhelmed by uncertainty and wish you knew the answers?

Exhausted by constantly fixing yourself in order to feel good enough?

Tired of being in a career that lacks purpose and makes you feel bored and frustrated?

Anxious every time your expectations, diet or relationships fails, time and time again?

Do you feel the need to control everything, and then binge on whatever brings you comfort in order to feel calm?

I get it! I used to suffer badly from all of these things, but then I learnt how to simply witness my thoughts, feeling and emotions, creating freedom from worry, which I never thought was possible!

I know that you can feel this shift and make the seeming impossible happen too.

You might not know it yet – but Self Awareness is your superpower!

It’s 24/7, VIP access to the highest version of Who You Are, in each and every moment in order to feel real freedom, happiness and Self Love!

I’m passionate about Self Awareness and helping you gain both the knowledge and experience of Who You REALLY Are, in order to stress less and love more!

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I would definitely recommend life coaching with Camille. She brings both a sense of lightness and gravity to the life coaching. She lives what she preaches and does not hide or limit her expression – something I needed to ignite in myself. I always felt we were between joy and laughter, and then insightful and heavy wisdom and tools. After the coaching sessions, I feel much more connected to myself, confident in my experiences and abilities, and grounded in my meditation practice. She is amazing and I loved our sessions together. I’d recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to connect more deeply to themselves and become more present and aware in their daily life.

Amie Lynch, Melbourne, Australia

During the coaching series with Camille, I realised that you don’t have to stick to a strict routine to get results, you can amend and modify what life throws your way! I rediscovered myself and how I wanted to live my life. I enjoyed setting loving actions and lists of small things to accomplish each fortnight, which, when broken down into smaller pieces, made achieving big changes painless and easy! At the end of the series I felt more confident, healthy and happy. As a result, I landed a new job, with better challenges and also more money!

James Ryan, Brisbane, Australia

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