I have learnt so much from my time with Camille. She has introduced me to so many coping mechanisms and an entirely new way of thinking, that’s helped me overcome wanting to give up when my life was falling apart! Words cannot describe the monumental difference her presence has made in my life. She is a gift from the Universe that I will treasure always!

Jessica, Law Student, Melbourne, Australia

Have you been looking for someone who understands anxiety and offers authentic and simple guidance?

  • Do you have a burning desire to figure out what makes you unique, yet feel a bit lost?
  • Do you feel highly anxious, frustrated or overwhelmed and use whatever substance you can find to escape the suffering?
  • Do you want to feel calmer and gain more clarity so you can feel like you’re flowing down the river of life rather than treading water each day?
  • Have you heard of the all the amazing benefits of mindfulness and meditation and want to try it, but just weren’t sure how?

Working together, I’ll help you make small, simple, effective changes that will have a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life!

It’s not as hard as you think to improve your life! You just need someone who understands where you are at and can support you moving forward in a way that feels good for you and makes a whole lot of sense.

My desire is to be that person for you, to help you understand your thoughts, feelings and sensations so that you can manage and overcome them when they get a little bit out of control and by doing so, make healthy headspace for you to focus more on the all the stuff you love.

Don’t put off happiness until tomorrow!  Learn how to master your life with Mindset Coaching today!

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I didn’t know anything about Self Awareness Coaching so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but since working with Camille I’ve seen a definite shift in my well-being and love towards myself! I ended a toxic relationship, I became more self-aware through writing which is something I had never done before. I made myself accountable for unhealthy choices and through realistic goals we made together each fortnight. I drastically reduced my alcohol intake and ended up naturally wanting to exercise more and eat well. Working with Camille, I feel positive and on track to be the most vibrant and healthy I’ve ever been!

Jasmine, Executive Assistant , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

With only a little background knowledge of the techniques of meditation, I was really pleased to see that Camille was offering classes after school. She presented her credentials and her experience, establishing a sense of confidence in the group. Within a calm and secure environment, Camille spoke clearly about the technique she was going to teach. We then practiced the technique and also shared our experiences. I found myself practising the techniques I had learned from only a few lessons. Whilst the busy-ness of school and life sometimes interferes with a regular practice, I will always have the knowledge and experience which Camille has so generously provided me. 

Belinda, Senior School Teacher, Melbourne, Australia

Mindset Coaching & Mentoring

Working together I’ll help you

  • Rewire your old way of thinking that’s been causing all the problems
  • Learn how to manage all the uncomfortable emotions
  • Build a new loving relationship with both your mind and body
  • Dissolve away the fear and doubt that’s holding you back from doing what you love
  • Access the wisdom within to make loving choices for the highest good
  • Gain clarity, focus and confidence so you actually make shifts happen
  • Learn how to no longer stress the small stuff, especially when it comes to work, health and relationships
  • Feel more experienced with mindfulness & meditation so you enjoy having a regular practice

Mindset Coaching Series – Book a time to chat today

This Includes

  • 1 x 90 minute session to get clarity on the one thing you are wanting to change in your life. Whats the limiting belief you’re telling yourself that is holding you back?
  • 60 minute sessions, weekly or biweekly, to keep you feeling motivated, supported and inspired  
  • Guided meditations during each session to master mindfulness & meditation and sharpen your Self Awareness skills
  • Simple and effective tips on how to meditate at home and keep up a regular practice
  • Tools, resources and relevant information on the topic you are passionate about
  • Email/Skype access during our time together so you always feel supported

Mindset Mentoring Session – Book a time to chat today

This Includes

  • 90-minute session to work through what you can do straight away to change what’s causing you unnecessary stress and worry, leaving you feeling more confident and at ease
  • Guided meditation during the session to learn new meditation techniques and sharpen your Self Awareness skills
  • Tools, resources and relevant information to support you outside of our session

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Learn How to Meditate

Mindful Meditation- 45-minute session

Can’t get to a meditation class, or just prefer 1 on 1? We can meet online, or I can come to you? 

Together I’ll help you

  • Feel more calm and relaxed
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve clarity and focus
  • Enhance the quality of your breath
  • Soften tension in the body
  • Increase Self Awareness
  • Improve Sleep
  • Feel happier

Private or Group Session include

  • Teachings on the mental, physical and emotional benefits of meditation
  • Learning the easiest way to meditate, and how to set up and maintain a regular practice at home or at work
  • Short guided meditations so you instantly feel more calm and relaxed
  • Tools and resources to support your meditation practice outside of our session
  • Email or Skype access to answer any questions you may have

Online sessions are done via Skype. If based in Melbourne private or group sessions can be facilitated in person.

Still not sure? An hour feels like too much? Click on the link below for a complimentary 30-minute session to get you started!

Discounted rates apply for Corporate, School or Family Group sessions. For more information on pricing please email camille@todayiloved.com

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I have attempted meditation on several occasions but Camille was the first to simply explain the purpose of meditation in a manner that resinated deeply within me. I valued her calm approach and her practical application. Most importantly she enabled me to quickly trust myself and my own intuitions. Thank you Camille for opening up my mind and body to the benefits of practical meditation and inner wellbeing .

Nicole, Primary School Teacher, Melbourne, Australia

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Mindful Meditation. I have not really done much meditation in the past and this was a great learning experience for me. More than anything, I learnt how to just sit and be – something I rarely do. I certainly slept well on a Monday evening. I feel that the sessions were good for my personal wellbeing and meditation is something I am going to continue to do in my own time.

Becky, Assistant Director of Junior Years, Melbourne, Australia

“He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” Lao Tzu