Be Who You Are, Not Who The World Wants You To Be

Hi, I’m Camille! Before I really discovered who I was, if I had to sum up my life in a few words, I’d say it was an anxious mess!

  • I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I worked jobs that I wasn’t passionate about
  • I binged on food & alcohol in order to escape the anxiety and hopelessness I was feeling
  • I spent ridiculous amounts of money on quick-fix therapy and self-help books
  • I attempted every diet under the sun in order to lose weight so I felt good enough to leave my house and be seen in public
  • AND I just had no idea who I really was, except for the numerous labels ( depressed, anorexic, bulimic, compulsive and highly anxious ) I was given over the last 25 years

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I spent an unbelievable amount of energy trying to control all aspects of my life in an attempt to feel like I was good enough.

Quite frankly, it was exhausting! Not only that, but my anxiety level rose every time I failed to fix myself, which I’ll admit, was frequently!

I just longed to feel normal. I wanted to stop feeling worried about everything every single moment of the day! I wanted to feel at ease with life and just be happy.

  • I wanted to do work that I loved, that didn’t drain my soul
  • I wanted to eat and enjoy food without having to stress about it
  • I wanted to love and accept my body with all its imperfections
  • I wanted to feel confident being who I was
  • I just wanted to feel normal, which to me was the opposite of feeling anxious

Yet at that time, wanting these things felt like an impossible dream. I honestly believed that I would battle severe anxiety and an eating disorder for the rest of my life.

Until one day, my intuition told me to do something about it!

In 2015 I quit my job as an Executive Assistant and I travelled to India. I know it sounds cliche, very “Eat Pray Love”, but this brave move, of jumping into the unknown, changed my life.

In a moment of grace during a deep meditation session, I felt profoundly connected to who I really was… the real me.

I realised that I was more than just my physical body, thoughts and emotions. I was the observer of all of these things, and I had the power within me to choose how I wanted to think and feel!

I had the power within me to choose how I wanted to live!

Once I realised I was in control of actioning my thoughts, I started filtering out the negative ones and implemented thoughts that were loving.

I started to trust my intuition and gut feeling, doing whatever came to mind that felt good rather than wasting time worrying. This was a game changer for me!

Within 6-12 months of implementing Self-Awareness and daily meditation into my life, I experienced a ripple effect of positive changes.

  • I found work that I’m passionate about as a Life Coach, Meditation Teacher & Floatation Therapy Specialist, and I continue finding rewarding work to this day
  • I significantly reduced my anxiety and gained more confidence to be myself
  • I stopped emotionally eating, overcoming a 25 year battle with my eating disorder
  • I began to trust myself to eat & drink as I pleased, without the need for a strict diet. With my eating disorder gone, I quickly lost weight
  • Through being more present, I gained the wisdom and clarity to create a business that I love!

With over 7 years experience studying meditation, a qualified Meditation Teacher through Meditation Association of Australia, a certified Life Coach and Yoga Teacher, I’m super passionate about sharing all my knowledge and experience with you so you can experience the freedom and confidence to be Who You Are.

Not tomorrow! Not next month! Not next year! Feel great today!

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