Self-Awareness Coaching & Meditation Guidance To Help Reduce Anxiety So You Can Live a Life You Love!

Camille is an inspiration! Since meeting with her I feel like my life has changed for the better. The path to Self Awareness is a long one but Camille has managed to keep me motivated throughout. She is down to earth so I feel like I can relate to her. She is honest and lives by what she preaches so I trust her practices deeply. I honestly can’t thank her enough for this new path of self-discovery she’s put me on. She oozes happiness that will no doubt rub off on you!

Michael, Tradesperson, Melbourne, Australia

Hi there, I’m Camille, and I’m passionate about helping you understand ‘Who You Are’ so you reduce worry and feel more confident with life!

 For over 25 years, I suffered badly from severe anxiety and emotional eating. To put it simply, my mind wasted soo much time consumed with negative thoughts and constant worry, making mountains out of molehills 24/7

Then I learnt about Self-Awareness & Meditation

Learning how to simply witness my thoughts, feelings and emotions, put me back in the driver’s seat of my mind, rather than continually crashing the car

The great news is you have the capability to make loving ‘conscious’ choices, in each and every moment, so you then have the headspace to focus on the important stuff, doing what you enjoy!

Self-Awareness & Meditation significantly reduced unwanted stress and cured my anxiety/eating disorder, which is why I’d love to help you, as I know it works! 

Within you, you have all the wisdom to be your UNIQUE SELF, doing what your heart desires!

( A good friend said to me once, “Camille, if nothing changes, nothing changes!”, she’s 100% right! )

I can’t wait to get started with you and help bring into Awareness, your many gifts that you are meant to share with the World!

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I would definitely recommend Self Awareness coaching with Camille. She lives what she preaches and does not hide or limit her expression – something I needed to ignite in myself. After the coaching sessions, I always felt much more connected to myself, confident in my experiences and abilities, and grounded in my meditation practice. She is amazing and I loved our sessions together. I’d recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to connect more deeply to themselves and become more present and aware in their daily life.

Amie Lynch, Melbourne, Australia

During the Self Awareness coaching series with Camille, I realised that you don’t have to stick to a strict routine to get results, you can amend and modify what life throws your way! I rediscovered myself and how I wanted to live my life. I enjoyed setting loving actions and lists of small things to accomplish each fortnight, which, when broken down into smaller pieces, made achieving big changes painless and easy! At the end of the series, I felt more confident, healthy and happy. As a result, I landed a new job, with better challenges and also more money!

Troy, Business Analyst, Brisbane, Australia
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