When returning from India, a couple of months ago, I felt pretty certain that my life would become beautifully balanced, easily achieving everything I wanted.

I’d spend a small amount of my savings on making my dream business a reality.

I’d work part-time for a creative, ethical based company doing administration and I’d teach meditation part time for a well known, non for profit organisation.

I’d be living the dream! Well, my dream anyway.

In the last few months, it’s become very apparent that my dream wasn’t what the Universe wanted. Instead, it’s taken my idea and varied it slightly, well more like injected it with steroids!

I’ve now spent a large amount of my savings on making my dream business a reality, investing in multiple online courses for both business and coaching.

I’ve just recently accepted full-time work as an administrator back in Education ( even though I said, after quitting my job, that I wouldn’t go back to a school… or work full time for someone else, my intuition said yes )

AND on top of that, I just got confirmation today that next month I’ll be teaching weekly meditation classes ( my own style ) at a local yoga studio in Melbourne, which seriously makes my heart light up!

So no surprise really, that my mind feels a bit overwhelmed today! Have I overestimated my capability as a human being, taking on way too much?

Will I still be able to catch up with friends, attend yoga classes, read a book, possibly date someone AND most importantly, have time to be on my own to just chill?

Or is everything exactly how it’s meant to be, right in this very moment and I just need to trust the process, be grateful and smile!

In all honesty it’s a lot more than I had anticipated, however, if you read my blog you know I love a good challenge! Surely I can work full time, teach meditation classes, plus complete multiple online courses all within the next 6-12 months without having some sort of meltdown?

Human beings all over the world juggle full-time work, whilst trying to create their dream business, and most have a couple of kids and a partner, at least I’m single and free to do as I please!

Being Self Aware is learning to not have an attachment to certainty, but instead being a witness to life as it constantly unfolds and changes.

This is why I love meditation, it not only helps you calm down but it brings you back to a state of pure awareness.

Reminding you that every moment, feeling, thought, emotion always passes if we simply just observe, let go and just be.

And in each breathe, in the stillness, even when life gets crazy, you always find peace.