For the last week, I’ve been waking up every day at 5 am. Yes, not 6 am… 5 am! For someone who’s not a morning person, with 7 am generally being my favoured time to start my day, this is huge for me!

So why the change? Well, firstly I felt called from within to stop making excuses and just do it. It’s the same inner calling that got me to stop drinking alcohol and coffee that has majorly improved my health and wellbeing for the better, so I trust my intuition on these things.

Secondly, all the successful people are doing it. And I now understand why, in the morning my mind is much more clear, focused, calm and creative. I’m getting so much done, so before I even leave my bed I feel like I’ve already won the day!

Meditation at 530am is the best!! It feels like you energetically tune into the peace and tranquillity that the early morning brings. My thoughts are like liquid flowing gracefully rather than a manic mess.

So if you want to stop making excuses and get up early, here a few tips that helped me.

Tip 1- Set your alarm, when it goes off, get out of bed straight away so your body becomes active. If your mind starts making excuses, disrupt it by counting back from 5. Then take action.

Tip 2- Set up a routine that you do each day that becomes sacred. For me, its 20mins meditation, reading some spiritual wisdom, gratitude writing, freewriting, goal writing, list any ideas that come to mind, then get outdoor and exercise if I have time.

Tip 3 – Set an intention around why you are doing it so you’ll be more inclined to want it. Again, for me, I wanted to start my day in a good headspace, feel calmer, be more creative, become more in tune with my spirit, get more done!

Tip 4- Push through. Now that I’ve done a week, and I’m noticing the many benefits, it’s a no brainer.

Yes, it’s not easy, I still want to sleep in, but the reward of watching the sky slowly light up in the morning from my bedroom window, brings me such immense joy, peace and happiness!

If I can get up at 5 am, anyone can. 🙏