I meditate some days to ease emotional and physical pain. It takes courage to sit through the discomfort and acknowledge its presence.

I know this because in the past I used to avoid discomfort, all of the time. I used to numb it with a lot of food or booze.

These days I show up fully to the discomfort, conscious, sober, and ask it questions. What am I feeling? Where am I feeling it? Why am I feeling this? What do I need to do in order to come back to a feeling of ease and love?

Some days I get the answers, some days I don’t, and that’s ok. But at least I show up and give it space to move. Because I understand that dis-ease in the body becomes just that…disease if it doesn’t flow through.

I also understand that the body is intelligent and contains all the answers I need in order to heal. So I speak to it sometimes in meditation, we have chats, in my head, not out loud ( ok sometimes out loud ) and then at the end, I feel lighter, I feel less discomfort, I feel more connected.

Emotion is energy in motion. So let it move. Don’t let it get stuck. Meditation creates the perfect ‘safe’ space for emotion to move through you if you allow it to.

For in the quiet we often make our way back to the calm.