Have you been looking for someone who understands anxiety and offers simple guidance to help manage it better?

  • Do you have a burning desire to calm your mind and reduce worry and stress?
  • Do you feel highly anxious, frustrated or overwhelmed and are fed up with using whatever substance you can find to escape the suffering?
  • Do you want to feel more in control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions so you feel like you’re flowing down the river of life rather than treading water each day?
  • Have you heard of the all the amazing benefits of mindfulness and meditation and want to try it, but just weren’t sure how?

Working together, I’ll help you make small, simple, effective changes that will have a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life!



I have attempted meditation on several occasions but Camille was the first to simply explain the purpose of meditation in a manner that resonated deeply within me. I valued her calm approach and practical application. Most importantly she enabled me to quickly trust myself and my own intuitions.

Thank you, Camille, for opening up my mind and body to the benefits of mindful meditation and inner wellbeing.


Primary School Teacher

Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching

Working together I’ll help you:

  • Work through what’s causing you unnecessary stress and worry that you want to change.
  • Become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and sensations in order to guide you, not overwhelm you.
  • Manage stress and discomfort in ways that are more loving and feel good for you
  • Become more mindful so that you make conscious choices throughout the day
  • Feel more experienced with mindfulness & meditation so you enjoy having a regular practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Gain more clarity around what it is you really want and then improve your mindset to achieve it.

60-min session: $120AUD
3 x 60-minute sessions: $300AUD

I didn’t know anything about Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but since working with Camille I’ve seen a definite shift in my well-being and love towards myself!

I ended a toxic relationship, I became more self-aware through writing which is something I had never done before. I made myself accountable for unhealthy choices and through realistic goals we made together each fortnight I drastically reduced my alcohol intake and ended up naturally wanting to exercise more and eat well.

Working with Camille, I feel positive and on track to be the most vibrant and healthy I’ve ever been!


Executive Assistant

Meditation Classes

Learn to meditate with me and you’ll…

  • Give yourself permission to do nothing and that be ok.
  • Dissolve away tension in the body in just a few minutes.
  • Let go of stress, worry and concerns by being present.
  • Witness thoughts, feelings and emotions with a gentle curiosity.
  • Increase Self Awareness so outside of class you become more aware.
  • Actually enjoy meditation and want to do it more, anytime, anywhere.

Join a Class

Tuesdays 7:45pm — 8:30pm
Happy Melon Studios, Armadale
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Start your own Class

Can’t get to a class? Bring meditation to your workplace or home. Email camille@todayiloved.com for more information.

4 Week Mindful Meditation Beginners Course

Learn a handful of easy meditation and mindful techniques so that by the end of the course you’ll feel more calm, self-aware and enjoy meditation.

Week 1- Becoming curious How to overcome the misconceptions that make meditation seem challenging.

Week 2- Breathing into calm Using a number of different breathing techniques to calm both the body and mind.

Week 3- Making peace with thoughts and emotions Tips and tools to deal with those difficult thoughts and emotions.

Week 4- Gratitude and everyday life How to become friends with your mind, manage stress and keep up a regular practice.

The course includes weekly handouts and recorded guided meditations so you can keep practising what you learnt, each week, outside of class.

Pricing depending on numbers- please email camille@todayiloved for more information.

With only a little background knowledge of the techniques of meditation, I was really pleased to see that Camille was offering classes after school. She presented her credentials and her experience, establishing a sense of confidence in the group. Within a calm and secure environment, Camille spoke clearly about the technique she was going to teach. We then practiced the technique and also shared our experiences.

I found myself practising the techniques I had learned from only a few lessons. Whilst the busy-ness of school and life sometimes interferes with a regular practice, I will always have the knowledge and experience which Camille has so generously provided me.


School Teacher

Don't have time to attend a class

Enjoy a selection of easy 5-10min mindful meditations today